How to enable the hidden EIS feature in Asus Zenphone Max Pro M1

Zenphone Max Pro M1

Asus announced re-entry to smart phone market with its 2 smartphones – Asus Zenphone Max Pro M1 and Zenphone 5Z. M1 is competing with the midrange King Redmi note 5 pro and the other one 5Z compete with Flagship killer Oneplus 6.

Both provides similar features at a better price than its rival. Max Pro M1 provides dual camera to the users with the same processor which redmi note 5 pro had at a killer price. Also Max Pro M1 has pure Android and so, it’ll be faster, lighter and we will get updates sooner. Now XDA dev team community member has discovered one more feature in Zenphone Max Pro which is EIS.


If you do not know, The Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) system reduces image shake and controls image stability by manipulating the image electronically, using the light-sensing chip, the Charge Coupled Device (CCD) of the camera. You’ll get a greater video response using EIS. Unfortunately this feature is not enabled ny default in the Zenphone pro M1 device. Let us see how to enable EIS in Zenphone Max Pro M1 without root.

How to

The process is simple, since the feature already exists and it is just hidden, we can easily turn on the feature. Rooting or installing custom camera isn’t required. Let us see how to enable this hidden feature.

Please follow the below steps in order to enable EIS
1) Open the stock camera app in your device
2) Click on settings on the camera app
3) Now Go down to red eye reduction and tap and hold red eye reduction for 3 to 5 seconds. When you lift your finger you will see a toast saying developer settings enabled.

4) Now Switch to video recorder and head to settings again.  You will now see an option now for image stabilization.
4) Switch to video mode
5) Make sure you are shooting at less than 4k.
6) You may now toggle the Image Stabilization option in the settings.

That is it. You can see the difference now. The videos will be more stable now.