How to download and install KODI in IPhone without Jail breaking:

How to download and install KODI in IPhone without Jail breaking:

Kodi app is not officially available on your play store, so we have to used other ways around to download in your IPhone/IPad. And mostly we aren’t much happy about jail breaking our IPhone considering its repair cost, warranty and price. So below we can see how to install KODI without jail breaking the IPhone.

So what is KODI?     

Its previously called as XBMC(Xbox media centre)
Kodi is  an open source home media hub that uses open source software to stream and enjoy almost all the media contents.

The best standalone about this app it can also be used as media player where it can help you play locally stored contents as well streaming media contents at ease. Kodi is not officially containing any content but its allows us to search wide variety of contents, stream and download and use .

Its available on its official website to download for all kinds of platform.


                There are tow ways to download Kodi to your IPhone/IPad  one by jail breaking  the other way we can download without   jail breaking.
Lets see how to download without jail breaking using TweakBox app:
One thing to be bare is these apps will have popup add as we can understand it’s a free app and that’s the only way they can earn.
1) Open safari and download Tweakbox app from .

2)  once the app is downloaded , it will show you the configuration profile.

3) Install  that profile and select install again ( settings – general- profile to check the installed profile )

4) now your app will be in home screen open and click away any ads that popup

5) Go to ‘APPS’ then select tweak box apps under ‘categories’

6) Search kodi and install it

7) Before you open the Kodi app, go to Settings > General > Profile and Devices Management

8) Click under enterprise app and click ‘TRUST’ –àagain Trust again

9) Kodi will be now available to use in home screen.

Note: TweakBox being a third-party source, Apple may revoke the app’s certificate later. So you’ll have to wait until the company green lights the Kodi iOS app again to then be able to use it.

Kodi Add-ons:

We can customize the kodi app tour own wish by adding lots of add-ons according to our wish. Below are the list of few add-ons mostly used.


To add you need to go to video add-on section of your kodi add-on menu.


Spotify , one of the most popular music streaming services in the world  doesn’t have an official add-on for Kodi. However we have an unofficial add-on, SpotiMC,( download as a ZIP file) . After you install the file through Kodi, please find the add-on in Kodi Emby Beta Addons > Music Addons > Spotify. Launch the app and then authenticate your Spotify account to grant SpotiMC access.

There are lots of add-ons according to our convenience we can customise it like Twitch and Apple itunes podcast browser. Its better VPN is used for your connectivity for seamless video streaking and enjoy blocked sites without being tracked.

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