how to create gif from your live images in iPhone

How to convert your iPhone live images to GIF:

Apple is always known for its innovations. Even we can experience a small changes which usually give a visual treat to the users.
One such feature is the live Images which apple released with IPhone 6s and above. It’s not a rocket science but still it’s a basic trick which no other one have tried. You can convert these live images can linto GIF files and you can share it with your friends in Whatsapp or Facebook.

What is Live image:

It’s just a normal pic, but it records 2 seconds before and after the image to create a very small video.
To turn on this live feature image you have to click on the yellow dotted circle at the middle of screen on the camera interface.

How to convert live photos to Gif:

As these live images are like a very small video and it is pretty easy to convert them into GIF. To do so, please follow the below steps
Go to photos –> Album from there open the folder named Live images.
Open any of the live image which you want to convert to live image  and scroll up.
It will show the options as below .

From there you will see options like Live, Loop, Bounce and you can  select one according to your convenience and save the file separately.
You cannm find these GIF files in new folder “Animated”.

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