Free internet for everyone through BSNL WiFI Hotspots

How to connect to BSNL free wifi hot spots in public places:

BSNL, once countries largest telecom is struggling to get market share from it private

competitors. Now to attract customers , telecom is readying to provide free internet using WiFi Hotspots  in public places.

BSNL is now offering its users high-speed internet in public places like schools, colleges, university campuses. BSNL wifi Hotspots will be set in these spaces, which can be accessed only by a BSNL customer.

Below are the steps on how one can connect to BSNL WiFI hotspots for BSNL customer:

Assuming you have to smart phone and a working BSNL simcard which can receive text messages.

  • Go to WiFi settings
  • Search an connect to BSNL 4G Plus
  • Tap on ‘connect’
  • Enter the mobile number
  • Tap on Get Pin option after which you will receive a 6-six digit pin
  • After entering the PIN, users will be connected to BSNL WiFi.

If we are not able to connect to WiFi network, you can reach out to the BSNL customer care.

One can also use non-mobile devices like laptop to the free WiFi hotspots by following the below steps,

  • Select BSNL 4G Plus in your device, it will be redirected too captive portal,
  • Provide BSNL mobile number and click on get PIN
  • Enter the pin received and click on login.

One can use data for a limited time period say 30mins for free and extend the usage by buying coupons to use more data.

This BSNL WiFi hotspot comes with a limit. To continue using this high-speed Wi-Fi users need to buy topup vouchers from BSNL.

This Wifi hotspots are primarily planned to put across prime locations in main cities. Varanasi will be the first such district to get free WiFi hotspots.

How can Non BSNL users connecting to BSNL Free WiFI hotspots:

Any Customer from any mobile operator having a mobile handset can enjoy high speed data (initial 30 minutes free and then through Wi-Fi recharge Coupons) through BSNL Wi-Fi Hotspots across the country. To experience, please follow following procedures:

Steps for Activating  in non BSNL Mobile Handset:

Turn On WLAN/Wi-Fi in mobile handset and select “BSNL WiFi” SSID

Users gets redirected to Captive Portal where two options (Free Wi-Fi, Premium Wi-Fi) are available.

Free WiFi (Complementary Data)

  • Provide Mobile Number and click on Get PIN
  • Enter PIN received and click on Login

Premium WiFi (Using Coupon, Purchasing/Pay Online)

  1.  Using Coupon
  • Click on Use Coupon and later provide Coupon number(Physical/ E PIN) of purchased plan and Mobile Number.
  • Click on Subscribe.
  1. 2. Pay online
  • Click on Pay Online, choose plan, provide mobile number and click on Get PIN
  • Enter PIN received and click on Subscribe.
  • Complete payment either with Credit Cards/Debit Cards/ Net banking/ Wallet options available.
  • Use WiFi services by providing Mobile Number, PIN under Premium Option.

Coupon plans for BSNL Wifi:

Name of PlanPrice (in Rs.) (inclusive of GST)Data VolumeValidity (in days)
BSNL WiFi 991 GB1
BSNL WiFi 19193 GB3
BSNL WiFi 39397 GB7
BSNL WiFi 595915 GB15
BSNL WiFi 696930 GB30

Even BSNL allows to enjoy free WiFi for users who are having land line.

For that one need to connect to “BSNL Broad Fi” and follow the steps to use the internet.

Settings should be as below,

  • Phase 1 Authentication: PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
  • Identity: Provide Broad user id along with domain name (ex- [email protected], [email protected]) provided by BSNL.
  • Password: broadband user id password provided by BSNL

It will be redirected to Captive portal and select 2nd authentication with OTP to the mobile number displayed (verify first 2 and last 3 digits)

Click on Submit and provide PIN received.

Click on unused OTP if not used and enter PIN and click on Submit.

If mobile numbers not registered, then visit nearest BSNL CSC.

For more details you can refer to the link