How to check if your iPhone is new or refurbished?

How to check if your iPhone is brand new or refurbished or replaced

With fake things getting  all over us, we find it hard to find the genuine products. With the e-retailers pouring in offers it’s really hard to differentiate original from fake. On seeing offers we are convinced to go for online trusting the brands blindly.

Here as a small part we try to check whether the iPhone you bought from online or from a friend is actually genuine product or not. We can also see the bill date from Apple website. Many are using fraud bills to claim that their devices are less used. Let’s see how to find whether silivri escort our devices are actually new. Also, how to find the purchase date and the earranty details.

How to find?

For it open settings —>General—>About —> Model number

If your model number starts with 

M– it’s a original authorised product sold by kadikoy escort Apple in Apple store or online. 

F – Refurbished device

N – it’s a replacement device Apple service centre provided when we head with some issue to Apple care with our iPhone. More chances are they’ll provide a refurbished device.

P – it means your iPhone is a personalised device. Should ensest porno be like a organisation specific 

So in the below case, my iPhone is original as the model number starts with M, I remember I bought it from Apple store years back so hoping it’s not a big deal.

How to find the purchase date:

Please note that this will work only if yiur device is still under warranty, if your device is out of warranty yiu can contact apple customer support to check when the warranty is expired.

Finding purchase date is very simple. All you have to do it enter your iPhone IMEI number in the apple site or third party site to check the device purchase date and the warranty details.

Third party site:

Enter your imei number here and you’ll see the purchase date and the warranty expirarion date as shown below

Apple Site:

Enter your iPhone IMEI number in the apple official site here and click continue.


Here Though a valid purchase date isn’t mentioned, it’ll show the expire date of warranty and the usual expiration date will be 1 year after purchase. From this we can calucluate the purchase date which is 1 year less the warranty expiration date.

If you are planning to buy a used iPhone for a better deal then this tip should be a handy one to find the genuinity of the iPhone you planned to buy.


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