How to block/unsubscribe from unwanted emails in Gmail

How to block/unsubscribe from unwanted emails in Gmail:

Each one of would be annoyed when we find our important email moved to spam folder. It happens to many. Here we could see few inbuilt tricks, to make your gmail more free of those annoying emails and make most of your gmail.

These simple tricks help to block/unsubscribe from unwanted  emails.

How to block/unblock individual contacts:

                  You can block one or other individual contacts by following the below simple steps.

Assuming you have logged in to gmail with your credentials follow the below steps:

  • Open the email of the person you want block
  • Click on the three dots at top and select block ”User”, You will get a pop up to confirm the action
Blocking individual contacts
  • The email will move to spam folder. If you want to unblock you can repeat the same process inside spam folder and click on “UnBlock”user.

Delete all email from same sender:

If you want to delete all emails from the same user name/ person / company, google has a simple ways to do.

Just right click on any email which you get from same mail box, select “Find email from “user””

Deleting emails from same sender

Select All from top left menu as shown in below pic and

Delete all Option at top left
  • Click on delete option at the top. As a result all emails from particular user in that page will be deleted.

However, Please be note you need to unsubscribe if you want to stop receiving further emails.

Unsubscribe from bulk automatic emails:

This was important as we use our gmail to login into all websites which require login. So they spam your mail box daily with irrelevant emails. Lets see how to get rid of those annoying emails,

Assuming you have logged into your Gmail,

  • Click on any email which you want to unsubscribe,
  • One could see “Unsubscribe” button / Change preference options next to the username or
  • Scroll down to bottom of the email, where you could see “Unsubscribe” , as shown in below image
Multiple ways to unsubscribe from annoying emails
  • Follow the simple steps to unsubscribe from annoying emails

Report suspicious and spam emails:

Most importantly, Google also allows one to report suspicious email as Phishing and in addition allows to report irrelevant emails to report spam.

This can be done as per the below

  • Click on the email you want to report
  • Click on the three dots at the top and select “Report Phishing” “Report Spam”
How to report SPAM and Phishing in gmail

Advanced search in Gmail:

Search will help you to find the most relevant and accurate emails in your clumpsy mailbox if not properly periodically cleaned. Advanced search help to make the task very easily,

One can also use the drop down at the search menu to use advanced search,

Dropdonw in general serach box

One can customize the search based of few criteria’s like “Specific words” “Mail size” “With attachments” “From dates”.


Hope this help you to customize your mail box in an efficient way.

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