Download Gcam with Nightsight for Samsung Snapdragon and Exynos Devices

Google Pixel3/3Xl came with a lots of awesome features. One of the best features is the Night Sight which helps to
improve the low light images. Gcam for Samsung exynos and snapdragon have been released by lots of developers.

Google Night sight Feature:

Night Sight camera Google launched night sight more on its Pixel 3 series.
This redefined the photography in low light scenarios. The images clearly capturing the objects which weren’t even able to identify in naked eyes.
Google have updated the app to version 6.1 with night sight feature. Soon developers have started to change the app to various Android devices.

Image taken with and without Nightsight

Here we can see how and where to download Gcam to most of the samsung One UI devices running on both Exynos and Snapdragon Processors.
The below camera app works good on Galaxy S8,S8 Plus and Note 8.

Lets see how to download and install Gcam, Gcam along with Night sight having. GCAM also have  additional features like
Slow motion, portrait mode, HDR+ Enhanced, Lens Blur, AR Core, AR stickers etc.

Download Gcam for Samsung Snapdragon devices:

One can download the Gcam 6.1 for Samsung snapdragon devices from here.| Direct download link
Stable version of Gcam 6.1 can be downloaded here|Direct link

If incase the app crashes, change the settings as
Settings–> Advances –> FIX–> View finder format–> change it to YUV_420_888.
Image processing: RAW_SENSOR, RAW 10

For Exynos variant, one can downlaod from the below link.

Samsung launches top end variants with Exynos varaints in India/Asian continents.

How to install Gcam to any Samsung devices:

1) Uninstall nay earlier installed Google Camera App Version.
2) clean install or clear data when you launch app for first time.
3)If the settinfs do not apply correctly,force close it and run the app again.
4)If the ap hangs during processing a HDR+ or portrait shot, it could be due to memory leak. You need to restart the phone
5) Use some memory manager apps and clear all the cache,RAM,memory,etc.

How to downlaod and install AR core stickers to Samsung Phones:

To download AR core stickers |Direct download link

To install AR Stickers| Click here

Force close the GCAM and open it.

Below are the steps and download links for downloading,  fixing and installing Gcam for all samsung devices.

To know more about Night sight and install Gcam on other Android devices follow our earlier posts here.