How to block Ads in all Android apps including chrome without rooting


Ads become inevitable now. As ads are the primary source of income for most of the app developers and bloggers. So apps which are available for free in play store aren’t actually free. Xiaomi recently admitted that they are pushing ads in their Smartphones even in settings page. This is not good for a smartphone manufacturer as definitely these ads are highly annoying. Indian railway booking app IRCTC is one another classic example where you actually find only ads in the mobile app. So when this gets annoying, obviously we need to find a way to block the ads in your Android Smartphone. Here we’ll see how to do this. Rooting is mot required for this purpose which is a big advantage in this process.

How to block ads

Android being open source, we have app for everything. We have many apps to block ads in your smartphone. After testing we see 2 apps are efficient for this purpose.

  • AdGuard
  • DNS66

Though both are equally good DNS66 has an upper hand here as it is more battery efficient compared to AdGuard. Hence we recommend DNS66.

How to config

  • Download the DNS66 app from F-Droid repository. Unfortunately this app doesn’t available in the play store.
  • Just tap on the downloaded file and click Install. Make sure you’ve enabled app installation from Chrome browser.
  • Now open the installed app
  • Go to Hosts tab and disable all of them except the Adaway hosts file.

  • If you want to by-pass this configuration for few apps, Go to Apps tab and select the apps to bypass DNS66
  • Now move to Start tab and press the Start button and confirm the connection request by pressing OK

You can stop the app whenever you are not using it. please note that this app blocks all the ads from All the installed Android apps including chrome and YouTube. So you can use this app while steaming media in YouTube.