BHIM app users will get cashback upto Rs.750 every month – Here’s how


  • User earn earn a cashback of Rs. 25 for each unique transaction
  • If user made more thab 25 transactions, the incentive of Rs 100 will be added


In order to attract customers towards Bhim, NPCI led United Payment Interface (UPI) application BHIM announced  cashback offers to customers and merchants as well.

Customer will receive cashback at every stage right from downloading the app to making the transactions. Each customer are eligble flr maximum cashback of Rs 750 every month. we’ll see how.


Method A:

  • Complete your frist transaction in Bhim and you’ll get Rs.51 cashback. There is no limit on the first transaction, so esrn 52 rs by just transferring 1 re.
  • You can earn Rs.25 cash back for every unique transaction . The minimum transaction value should be Rs 100 to get vashback. The maximum cashback through this channel is Rs 500 per month.
  • Please note that Cashback is only for every unique transaction. If you transact with the same user again, you’re not entitled for the offer.

Method B:

  • If the number of transactions are more than 25 but fewer than 50, then you would receuve additional incentive of amount Rs 100.
  • If transactions count are more than 50 but fewer than 100, then the incentive amount would be Rs 200.
  • Users will get Rs.250 as the inventive if the total transactions are more than 100

Users can get upto Rs.750 Cashback per month combined in both and 

Comoany announced cashbacks to merchants also.


Merchats whp use Bhim can get cashback of 10% of the transaction value upto Rs 50 per transaction.

To earn the cashbacks, Merchant should have done  minimum 10 credit transactions with mimum value of Rs 25.

So what are you waiting for. Start Bhiming!!

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