Best IOS emulators apps available Android platform

Emulator an overview?

Emulator is a software which make one to run a different OS on a host machine. A perfect example of this case would be one can use all IOS apps on a windows machine.There are multiple emulators which enables users to use android on windows and vice versa as well.
These helps one to use all the IOS/Android apps on a windows machine may be for a development/testing purpose.

What is an emulator:

Emulators are virtual programs that are used for creating a different OS environment over native OS of device. IOS emulators create an iOS environment for running Iphone apps on windows PC.

Whereas simulators also develop similar OS environment, but do not create an copy of hardware as emulators do. Due to this limitation simulators fail to run some apps.

Let’s see a list of such IOS SOFTWARES available for Android?

Not everyone can be able to buy an Iphone but willing to see how does a Iphone work. Few wants to use it for testing and few not ready to put their high cost phones for testing purpose.Either of the case emulator software
helps to resolve both issue at the time.

Interestingly below are the top 5 best apple emulators available for Android. But one cant find any of these in Playstore and need to find it via below
download links. Once installed you can search for the required application/game that you want to run.

What is an IOS emulator?
It allows one to use run all the Ios applications in an android device. These android can run most of the Ios apps on android. The good thing is it doesnt need an root access. And also entirely free of cost.

Below are the top 5 ios emulator available for Android:


Its is one of the best apps available which helps to run almost all the Ios apps. Its has a very clean and simple UI. Not only for running Ios apps the Cider is also used by many developers to test their Ios application.
In a word its a free app with no in app purchases and effective emulator getting in the list of top 5 apps. Its allows one to use both paid and free Ios applications and games. Click on the below link to download your application.

Download link: CIDER

2) IEMU:

Its one of the another best emulator app available in the market. IMEU is also free application which doesn’t have any in-app purchases.It runs almost all the IOS applications and games in a android. One side way is that IEMU requires quite a lot of hardware to run smoothly.

Even though its runs on both rooted and unrooted mobiles,but for devices have 1Gb ram or less one can see the application laggy.
You can download the file in the below link.

Download link: IEZU


This is one of the another best emulator available out here. The standout features are the clean and simple user interface making it so easy even for child. It almost runs all thefree IOS applications and games.One Just need to
download the applications and start using it on a click.
Best thing the IOS applications inside this are categorized making search limited to category you like.It even allows one to enjoy rooted applications as well.It even allows to download free apps/games through Freedom Apk an alternate emulator.

Download link: IOSEMUS

4) ALL IN ONE Emulator:

This application tops the list for one of the best features it offer. As like above all the apps this allows to download and use almost all IOS applications and games.Along with it it enables to use Siri.
Siri the voice assistant feature can be used on a emulator is just amazing. It also enables user to download Ios camera and its pretty amazing.
Even though the application doesn’t have a best UI design it’s definitely not a bad one a decent emulator as per user interface. It also makes search easy by categorizing the applications.

Features of All IN ONE IOS Emulator:

  • One can get Ios camera with this emulator.
  • Its packs music applications of Iphone
  • Ios sound recorder app will come with this applications
  • Siri is inbuilt
  • Message application of IOS also comes with All in one emulator

How to install All IN ONE emulator:

After downloading the APK file to your mobile

  • First, one need to download ALL IN ONE Emulator on your mobile
  • Make a clone of this APK file in firmware
  • One who is installing need to set permissions by checking the checkbox under “READ” and checkboc you can find under “WRITE”
  • Now rename the applications as owner.                                                                                                                                                                             You may find the process to install bit difficult the application is definitely a worth it.You may need to restart your device and start using the emulator.


This is one of the unique emulator which runs on cloud. It’s a web based emulator available for windows and Mac PC as well. As its a cloud based emulator one can run anywhere by opening in browser.It provides the natural ability to download all IOS applications and games.

Other best cloud based emulator available is which does the similar work as above emulator.These are can be operated from browse  itself. Using the application is straightforward just click on the link and open in browser wait until the complete page opens, click on the “TAP TO PLAY”  button and done.


The above are the best IOS emulators available for the Android platform. Cidra and IEMU are the most popular emulators available. The later iOSemus developed by XDA developer even though offers some
additional features lacks behind the top two because of poor user interface.
One can download all the applications from their respective download links attached,