How to Install TWRP in Oneplus 6

The best part of the Android is the lot of customization’s its offer. To make it one step further for the enthusiasts who can do lot more it can be boot with custom roms, kernels.


If you do not not know about TWRP,  Before installing custom ROMs or doing any modifications in kernels, Users need to take backups if in case things are messed up. This is where TWRP comes in to the picture. TWRP is a famous custom recovery method through which you can backup of the complete device. If anything messed up later, you can recover all the data back

But the tricky part to try these is that the way to backup in case things go wrong. Here the TWRP comes in as a handy tool to help on it. Its one of the custom recovery tool which gives confidence of rooting it without the worry of getting back things back as normal.

The TWRP tool is now available for Oneplus 6.

How to Install TWRP for One plus :

Step by step process to Install Oneplus6:

You need to have ADB/Fastboot setup. If you don’t have, here’s how it can be done, Please check here for the detailed process.

1) You need to download (Click to download) directly to your phone.

2) Download twrp- to your PC.

Once download completed,

3) Power off your phone

4) Hold Volume UP + Power buttons to boot into the bootloader

5) Now , Connect your phone to your PC via standard USB cable

6) Open up the adb command prompt in your pc

6) Now Navigate to your where the downloaded twrp-3.2.1-0-enchildo.img is located using below command.

cd /path/to/extracted/folder/

7) Now run the below command in the command prompt

fastboot boot twrp-

8) Now TWRP has been booted temporarily. To install it permanently, please go to the install section in TWRP and select the which we downloaded earlier.

8) If you have previously rooted your device with Magisk, then flash Magisk again now (Optional)

You are good now, TWRP have installed in Oneplus6.

There might be feature updates which should resolve the few bugs, stay tuned…