How to make a video with BGM from your photos

Make your own video from your photos:

Now you can make your own video with the BGM music of your photos with this very simple yet powerful tool. Remember Videos are always more interesting and supported vastly than a photo slideshow. You can share this video in whatsapp or FB and can even use as your status video.
We have so much of free video editors in the market , we chose Shotcut since it’s simple, complete package and available for Mac, Windows and Linux as well.


You an make your video by 5 simple steps using this tool.

Import photos:

  • Install Shotcut (Click to download)
  • Click on the ‘Playlist’ button which will at the top of the window
  • You have to import all your photos one by one by the below process
    • Click ‘Open file’
    • Select the photo which you want to import
    • Click ‘Open’
  • You can remove the photo using ‘-‘ button.

Save the project. We can resume our process anytime from the last saved point.



  • Select “Add video track” under Timeline menu which will be at the bottom f the window
  • Now you can drag the photos to the timeline
  • The pause period of each photos will be 4 seconds by default and e can change as per our wish.
  • You can re arrange the photos in your desired order and can set the pause time for each photos.
  • To preview your video, click on the “Preview” under Project.

In-case if there are any gaps between the photos, shotcut will highlight them in brown.


Shotcut provides number of filters to enhance the video look and quality.

  • To add filter for your photos, Click “Filter” button which will be at the top of the window.
  • Select a photo in the timeline and click “+” .

A pop up with all the available filters will appear, each filter will have it’s own customization.

You can add text as well for each photos.


Now we have come to an interesting part. Party without DJ and videos without BGM are boring.

Shotcut provides option to add your favourite Background music to the video.

Please make sure that you are using free or licensed music to avoid any violation issues.

To add BGM, first import the audio files to your project as you’ve imported your photos.

  • Click “open file” , browse and select your music file and click Open to add the audio files in the project.
  • Click on “Add Audio track” under Timeline.
  • Then drag the music file to the place where you want to add this music as BGM.
  • To preview your video, click on the “Preview” under Project and then you can resize the images or trim the audio file to fit with the image.


Once you are done and dusted with the photos and BGM, please save the project. So that you can made any changes later.

To export the video, click on “Export” button

You’ll get number of options Shows the different formats and other ssettings.
We recommend you to save the video in MP4 format which is globally accepted by almost all the players.

So select the MP4 format and ignore the remaining settings at the default options will be the best and click on Export.

That is it. Now you’ve created a wonderful video. Share it your loved ones, or keep it as your status as you like.

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