Download Google Camera with night mode for LG,Huawei,Poco F1 & Xiaomi Mobiles

Google Night Sight is revolutionary photography option to take photos in low light.
Google’s visual processing power is the best among the Android eco-system. This processing power makes the pixel phones the best camera phone in the market.

Google Night Sight:

Night sight is a Google Pixel/Pixel 2/Pixel 3 feature which delivers incredible low-light photos thanks to advanced
computational algorithms. Its employs some HDR+ technologies to reduce noise and add right amount of white balance to makes the photo better. Rather than the use of conventional LED flash to illuminate the scene, Night sight utilizes machine learning to assess the context and choose the right colors, allowing one to take detailed low noise pictures in super low light.
Where HDR+ is for day and night sight is for low light.

Sample Images of Google Night Sight

Top Mobiles and their Download links for Google Camera Port:

If you are one who impressed with Google Night Sight  but don’t have pixel 2/ pixel 3 then you can try out the ports available for various devices.
Below are the phones for which you can download the Google’s revolutionary night sight.

Click on the below link to download Google Night sight for Huawei Mate 10, Mate 10 Pro.
Download Apk of Google camera port

Below are the links to download Night sight Apk for Lg G6, LG V20, LG V30 AND LG V35 ThinQ.
To Download the Apk for Google Camera Port 

One can also download Google night sight port for Xiaomi MI 9 and POCO F1. Click here to download.

Image taken without Google Night Sight
Image taken with Google Night Sight on Poco F1


Google camera port supporting Night sight is available for few other phones like Essential phone and few other mobiles by clicking on the  below link:

Download Google Camera Port: