Download Google Camera (GCam) with HDR+ for Nokia and Moto smartphones

Google Camera :

Smartphone camera’s weren’t so escort much perfect until Google Pixel comes in. Especially in low light, smartphone cameras were very bad. DSLR was the only options for professional photographers. But this is history now. Google redefined the Android’s camera in it’s Pixel and Pixel 2. Now almost all the smartphone manufacturers istanbul escort are trying to match it’s quality.

Below is a sample picture taken from Google Pixel 2, without any special effect. The picture is not modified and shared as taken. This defines how good the Pixel Camera in low light.

Pic Courtesy: Shirin Jayakumar

One classic example is, Oneplus, Samsung and all other smartphone manufacturers wants a secondary primary camera for portrait/bokeh mode. But Google does it in the single camera. User can just simply switch to portrait mode whenever they wish to.

Users are trying to porting this google camera apk to other devices. XDA dev team released the list of the complete smartphones where users were succuessfully able to port the google camera.

So what are we waiting for, Below is the list of Motorola and Nokia smartphones that have got the stable version of google camera apk.

Note: The below list may not be the latest version of the app, but they are the stable ones.


PhoneGoogle Camera Port

Moto G5 Plus

Moto G5S

Moto G5S Plus

Moto X4


PhoneGoogle Camera Port

Nokia 8

Nokia 7 Plus

Nokia 6

Nokia 5