Next Gen Iphone 11 and what we know so far?

Next Gen Iphone 11 and what we know so far?

It’s been more than 7 months and it’s not surprising the news about next IPhone 11 is surfacing in online.

With every other manufacturer out there are releasing their flagships like LG G7 thinq, One plus already claiming to be the best phone with the price it offers, it’s a great deal.
Samsung Note 9 and Pixel 3 series are on the cards for their releases soon. The next big thing the industry is how Apple is going to come out.

When IPhone X launched with a notch and facial recognition then it became a pretty famous standard now in almost every phone out here in market. It’s a history for IPhone that it sets standards and everyone follows it in many cases. But sad truth there will be some other manufacturer who does before Apple what brings, but with the popularity Apple has it becomes a trend setter.

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What we know about next IPhone till now?

  • 3D sensing and Triple camera setup:

If all the news about next IPhone is coming true then Apple will be releasing 3 models with atleast one model having triple camera setup. The triple camera set up will definitely help the company to enhance efforts in 3d sensing via stereo vision. This will help Apple to move a step forward in its Augmented reality which Apple believes is next generation tech.  The 3rd new camera will be used to get the distance between the IPhone and the object.

IPhone will be having a 3x optical zoom will be featuring in the next IPhone new long focus lens.

Super slow motion to be added feature with 960 frames per second.

Huawei is first to launch mobile with triple camera set up in its honor series.

     Slow Motion sensor

  • Display:

If Apple releases two or more models, then we can believe one of the model will be having 6.1inch OLED display manufactured by either Samsung or Lg. As notch became an in evitable feature it’s not going to be wonder if all the 2/3 models of IPhone are full screen bezel less notched display.

Other specifications:

IPhone to come with 64/256GB variants with 3Gb ram which is pretty enough for the Hardware, Software co-ordinations of Apple.

Enhanced 3d Animoji will be an added advantage.

A12 Bionic chip to increase the performance considerable and next gen neural engine to take facial recognition to next level.

Apple to come up with a better bigger battery of 3400Mah atleast in the bigger versions models which will increase battery life by 25%.

    Price:  IPhoneX was priced at $999, but when a next gen comes with some upgraded specs we cant expect it to be priced less than it.