iOS 12 is live now with AR support – Check what is new and what Apple copied from Google

iOS 12:

As expected, Apple has launched iOS 12 as the first announcement in it’s WWDC event on June 4, 2018. Apple has added lots of new features and updated many exisitng features. Let’s go through each one of them here.

Supported devices:

For the first time, Apple says that iOS 12 will be available for all the iPhone which got iOS 11. This means all the Apple devices which are launched after iPhone 5s will get iOS 12.


Apple claims that iOS 12 will boos the performance as fast as 2 times than the iOS 11. The company says that when the CPU utilization is high, the iOS 12 will increase the perfomrance instantly to macimum instead of gradually whicj will reduce the battery utilization as well.

Augmented Reality:

For the first time, Now your iPhone will support AR (Augmented Reality). There will be a seperate app for this. To be frank This looked better but I’m sure this will be the least used feature of Apple.

one of the interesting option in AR is it’ll show you the exact measurement of the object when you scan them. you can also manually get the measurement of the object by drawing the line on the screen while scanning the app.

LEGO also introduced an AR game which supports multi users as well. But the game was actually boring even to watch. Kids may like to explore it.


Now when you and your friends take pictures in your iPhone, Siri will recognize your friend, and you’ll have a pop up asking whether you want to share these photos with your friend’s iCloud. When you accept it, all these photos will be automatically added to your friend’s iCloud instantly. A fastest way to transfer.

But you know what, Apple copied this feature from Google. Google has launched this feature in it’s latest event when they launched Android P.

What’s new in iOS 12:

Stocks App:

Stocks app gets an update and for the first time Stocks app is coming to iPads Now, when you click on any articles on the stocks page, you can view the entire article inside the app itself.

Voice Memo: 

Voice memo gets an update as well and foe the first time Voice memo is also coming to iPads .

Apple Books:

The classic iBooks is mow replaced by all new Apple books. Apple book has many new features, like if you click reading now, it’ll take you to the page where you left. It has inbuilt browser and whenever you want to browse while reading e-books, you can do it in the same place.

Car play:

Finally Apple allows users to use third party navigation apps including google apps in Car play. A huge relief to iPhone users.

Do not disturb:

Do not disturb mode also gets an update. Now in do not disturb you can configure to not to show any notifications in lock screen. Also Automatic do now disturb mode is introduced, like when you go to librabry, do not disturb mode will be activated and will be closed when yiu come out automatically.


Siri got improvements as well. Shortcuts is the biggest of all. iOS 12 will have a new shortcuts application. If you want to play pop songs whenever you are travelling, you can add a shortcut inside the shortcut app using editor option by just drag and drop. So when you say that I’m driving, Siri will automatically play the pop songs. Similarly you can add as many shortcuts as you need.

Siri will now read your daily activities anf suggest you based on it. For example, if you order a coffee everyday at 8 AM, Siri will ask you whether you need coffee on 8 AM in the lock screen. You can complete the order in the lock screen itself.

Weekly activity summary:

This is one new feature in Apple and if you have attended Google’s IO, you may feel that you are hearing this feature again. Yes thisnis the same feature which Google launched few days back.

Your device will show you a weekly activity summary including

  • How much time you are using your device
  • In which app you are spending more time and how much time exactly
  • Which app shows you more norifications

and lot more. Apple added one more feature as well, which is you can set a limit of usage time for each app or an app category like social networking. So if you cross the usage you’ll get the below message.


Finally Apple adopts group notifications which Android features for years.

Now Notifications will be grouped not only by the apps, but also by categories and more.

Now Apple allows you to block notifications from a particular app or a category which is again an Android’s old feature.

New Animoji’s:

Apple is the first to introduce Animoji and other manufactuters including Samsung failed on copying this feature. Now Apple adsed 4 new Animoji’s – Ghost, Tiger, T-Rex which looks like below. Apple also added tongue detection feature.


Apple has launched all new Memoji’s in iOS 12. Which is now yiu can create your own animoji which may reflect you or yiur family members. Apple calls it as Memoji. There are number of hair styles,  face hair, sun glass to choose for your memoji.


Facetime gets a massive update. Now you can use facetime simultaneously with 32 users. Instead of adding the users one by one, you can also initiate the FaceTime from group message. Anyone can join and drop off at any time. The UI looks cool, similar to Skype, the presenter who speaks will be brought to front automatically and all the users who joined the face time will be in the bottom.

One more new feature is now you can use your memoji in Facetime. here is how it looks like

Well that is it, we’ve covered almkst all of the new updates and features. Hope you like it. Stay tuned for the latest tech and gadget updates.