iOS 11.3 is live now – what’s new?

Whats new with IOS-11.3?

   IOS is one the most famous platform not because  of only the stability but the upto date upgrades it keeps giving for all the supportive phones .
In the latest update line Ios 11.3 is one the biggest stable release apple have released after the big release of IOS11.

Here in Sunday gadgets , we bring you few latest and important features in the latest public release of iOS 11.3.


After the biggest controversy of the year about Apple’s intentional battery slowdown ,the comlany announced it will enable a new battery health checker. This is now enabled in iOS 11.3


If you are an Iphone X user then you have few new features as few smiley faces have been added for animoji… hope its cool     The four new animoji faces to have fun..

What Else:

  1. If you are an ipad user few battery configurations have been added. If you plug an ipad for so much time, then its helps to maintain battery status to keep it healthy .  
  2. Few added features for  which apple believes it’s the future.
  3. Few health related updates where users can see health related information from more than 40 plus institutions. (Limited to US region)
  4. Business chat for US and Canada market,  (It’s a beta project for now)


  •   When users are searching for certain information’s on a hotel, bank or other business in Spotlight, they will get the option to directly get in touch with them using the Messages app via iPhone and iPad.
  • A host of bug fixes
  • Few little tweaks to apps like :

       Apple music, pay , news and TV .

  • One more feature called AML (Advanced mobile location)
  • AML is a feature which sends users location automatically when making emergency calls.

Lets hope apple add few tweaks to improve its battery life.


Few additional security features added like: Safari now only autofills usernames and passwords after they’re selected in a web form field. You’ll also now receive warnings when filling out passwords or credit card information on non-secure websites. Autofill is also available in web views within apps.