Cheaper iPhone with dual sim at half the price of iPhone X?

Finally Apple fans in India has a news to rejoice. Especially when Jio is getting more popular, people really wants a dual sim device. We have seen about Apple working on iPhone SE2 which may have similar look of iphone X but with IPS LED screen. We’ve got one more news thst iPhone is working on a dual sim device which clearly targets the huge Indian market.

Why dual sim iPhone?

As per the sources, All big Smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Oneplus, Huawei, HTC etc. release their smartphones with dual sim slots. Even flagship devices have dual sim support. But Apple dint shoe any interest in this feature. May be because , US which is carrier based market doesnt actually need this feature. But the story is different in other big markets like Asia, Europe and central America. The dual sim smartphones have a upper hand in these markets.

Is it happening Finally?

Min-Chi Kuo , Analyst in KGI Securities which is known for anticipating movements, states that Apple may release 3 iPhones in 2018 and one of them will have dual sim slot. This model may not have the famous OLED screen and it’ll stick to the standard IPLS LCD screen to the manufacturing cost. Sources say that the price of this dual sim iphone may be the half of the iPhone X.

We do not have any information about the iPhone SE2, but among other smartphones iphone SE had more success in India. May be Pricing is one of the reason for this. Apple may consider this and the third phone may be the iPhone SE2 with Dual sim card slot. There are no official words yet, we have to wait for WWDC 2018 conference.Stay tuned withus to get the latest updates on tech and gadgets.