When will your Samsung device get Oreo update – Here is the time line

Samsung in one of the recent event announced the list of smartphones which are getting Android Oreo update.

The list includes most of  the “J” “A” and “C” series models.This comes a week after Google announced Android P the successor of Android Oreo to pixel devices.

When all other flagship mobiles are awaiting to taste the latest Android P, the news from Samsung came as a surprise. The list of Samsung smartphones which will get upgrades are most of the mid range mobiles.

Normally when we see the track record of latest OS updates to mid range mobiles – Samsung is very poor to keep its mobiles up to date. But this time Samsung has released the date of Android Oreo updates for most of the mid range mobiles including “J” and “C” series mobiles. Which is a welcome move by Samsung by the users for sure.

Time Line

  • Galaxy J7 Neo: December 2018
  • Galaxy Tab A (2017): January 2019
  • Galaxy A9 Pro (2016): January 2019
  • Galaxy C7 Pro: January 2019
  • Galaxy C9 Pro: January 2019
  • Galaxy J2 (2018): January 2019
  • Galaxy On5 (2016): January 2019
  • Galaxy On7 (2016): January 2019
  • Galaxy On7 (2018): January 2019
  • Galaxy J7 (2017): January 2019
  • Galaxy J7 Max: February 2019
  • Galaxy J7 (2016): March 2019

Even though Samsung have announced the dates the izmir fetiş escort smartphone owners have to wait another six months to taste the Oreo update. The wait is definitely more to get an year old update in next year. But the thing to consider is Samsung has gave a definitive date rather than izmir evi olan escort being silent.

Still there is no official confirmation/reports from Samsung but these news get popped up in a members app update spotted by Android-Pure (XDA developers).

And also please be aware that the dates listed escorts stuttgart above could be subject to change any time. The updates rollouts wont take place as expected always as there are lot of hurdles come in.

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