Whatsapp introduced new restrictions which can save you at times

No doubt that Whatsapp is the most used messaging platform across the world. Facebook introduces many new features to enhance the application. But the application is also misused by many attackers and spammers.

Daily you will definitely get many spam messages, especially in groups. Also, you may get suspicious links which will be similar to the original ones and attackers may steal your data on clicking these links.


Whatsapp has introduced two great features which address both of the above issues.

1. Suspicious links:

You may receive many forwarded messages like 99% offer, free flight tickets and much more. These kind of messages will definitely attracts users and these messages are just to get your private information. Even the links will that shared will be similar to the naked eye. But whatsapp’s new update will warn you with a pop up on clicking any such suspicious links.

I myself faced this situation. One of my friends forwarded a messgae that claims GoIndigo is providing 2 free tickets as part of their promotional offer and asked me to check the link on how to avail the offer. The link appears original in my naked eye. Upon clicking on the link, I got the warning from Whatsapp. Below is the pop up message which appeared in my whatsapp. the ‘i’ in goindigo is not actually a i and its some special character.

This will be a a great use for most of the users. Especially when we order or pay somthing through these fake links, our card details can be easily stolen.

2. Restricting forwards:

Either if it’s an useful information or a fake forward, Now you cannot forward it to more than 5 recipients at a time. When will you select the 6th recipient, you’ll receive the below pop up. So you may receive lesser spammer messages :) here after, especially in groups.

Both of the features are already live in beta version and sooner released to the stable one. If you want the beta version of the app, you can enroll yourself as Whatsapp Beta tester here. Once registered you will be able to download the Beta version of the app where you’ll get the updates earlier than the stable one.

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