Google released Second Beta version.Whats new in Android P Beta 2?

Whats new in Android P Beta 2?

Google after releasing the Android P in the major event last month, it started rolling out the beta versions to the developers and casual users. Now we can see google released the second beta preview version.
Normally these beta versions are buggy so these where not recommended for common users, but those who like to experiment can give a try. To know how to install beta click here.

About :

Four weeks ago at Google I/O we released the official next version of Android , putting AI at the core of the operating system and focusing on intelligent and simple experiences. Google have opted to Gesture based user interface as a optional as of Apple IPhone X. Hopefully Google is shifting to building a more stable ecosystem rather than some funky styles. Android have improved a lot more from generation to generation. Lets look at what have it given this year.

The second beta for Android P is available for few listed mobiles like Pixel series, One plus 6&5T, Nokia7Plus, Sony Xperia XZ.  This is the third developer preview and second public beta versions.

Whats new in Android P:

Below are the major change logs

  • Android P is officially Android 9.
  • New Improved brightness slider behavior
  • ‘Clear all’ button is back now in recent apps screen and is placed in left

  • Translucent app drawer background in recents screen
  • We can now access the app drawer from any app with only one long-swipe
  • haptic feedback on sliding app drawer
  • Smaller Quick Settings icons  and have more margins than before

  • An ‘arrow’ icon for quick replying in the notifications (No need to expand now)
  • All New colorful animation while enrolling a fingerprint

  • ‘Downloads’ app is renamed back to ‘Files’
  • New ‘Get info’ button in Files app
  • Better Color profile picker to see the difference between color profiles
  • 157 new emojis
  • Do Not Disturb now notified you when an automatic rule kicks in and also recommends you hide notifications entirely. Earlier hiding notifications was default.
  • Updated animation while closing an application
  • All New animation for ‘rotation suggestion’ while rotating a phone
  • New animation when we turn on a vibration gesture using Volume Up + Power buttons

Overall this second beta is mainly aimed at stability and refining the normal usability of the Android P with an eye towards a public release in the coming months. You can now try Android P if you are owner of any of the above listed mobiles.