What we know so far about first full screen phone Lenovo Z5


Lenovo Z5 is official now and it’s a big lie. No beezel-less display, No 5000 mah battery and it’s. ot even a flagship device. Check here for the complete specs sheet and features.

What we know so far about first full screen phone Lenovo Z5:

Lenovo Z5 one of the most talked news in the recent times after the fury of headlines from the leaked twitter posts and news. You may wonder whats special with the Lenovo Z5, trust us if the specs are true then its going to be a dream mobile you might not even have imagined.

Lenovo was not so directly active in past few month after the launch of K8 series before 6months. But been actively launching mobiles under its recently bought Motorolo brand.

Coming to the Z series from Lenovo, its one of the flagship range mobiles that where launched back years. But even those face the same issue of getting software updates which Lenovo is very bad at.

Still I remember one of friend still waiting for Volte update in his Z3 which never going to come hopefully.

The next from the series is the Lenovo Z5.

Mind blowing specs of Lenovo Z5:

  • Full screen Display
  • 4TB of Internal Memory
  • 45 Days Battery life
  • 30mins talk time with 0% battery.

You may ask are you kidding but no this is what even the vice president of Lenovo have been keep hinting through his posts.

1)Full screen display:

Lenovo in the recent post has shown the image of a full screen phone. This is going to be the first full screen phone without a notch. It’s interesting how Lenovo has packed camera, ear piece and sensor modules. Are they kept under the screen which practically a difficult technology currently.
Are have they tried vivo apex like modular concept where the camera module pops up from the top whenever required. Let’s wait and see how Lenovo have tweaked the technology, to avoid the Iphone X like notch or the very minimal bezels of Samsung.

4TB of Memory:

4Tb of internal storage is a mammoth memory whomsoever may it is. Its can deal pretty much each and everything without even thinking about the memory. Lenovo saying they have achieved it through Particle technology.

4Tb of internal memory looks kindof weird and shocking right now. Its may be a combination of internal memory, micro SD card supported and some cloud storage to full fill the promise. Lets wait and watch .

If its 4000Gbs of memory then it can hold “2000 HD movies, 150,000 lossless music files, and 1 million photos” as per VP of Lenovo.

Great Battery Life:

      Again Lenovo have teased a another great feature of 30mins talk time with 0% Battery.

Don’t ask us howz that even possible even we don’t have a constructive answer. But definitely a high level of software and hardware customizations should be done to achieve that. Even we wonder how is that possible.

Lenovo have even mentioned it has a 45days standy time. Which in reality is a massive achievement.

AI and Dual Cameras:

                     VP of Lenovo has also tweeted few pics taken with Lenovo Z5.

As of no surprise the Lenovo Z5 sports a dual camera and AI capabilities to improve the picture quality and overall experience.

5G Technology:

                   Lenovo Z5 is one such phone to come with a  next gen 5G capabilities for the connectivity purposes. This is going to be one the first phones to support the 5G tech in commercial mobiles.

Other Specifications of Lenovo Z5:

Being the flagship we can expect it to sport a Snapdragon 845 or Helio P10 top notch processors.
As per the  image it should sport a in-display finger print sensor as its going to be a full screen display.

This going to the second phone with inbuilt finger print display or it may ditch the whole finger print part and rely on facial recognition like IPhone X . We have to wait and watch.

Launch date of Lenovo Z5:

Lenovo have invitations out for June 14th event. Let’s wait and see what Lenovo have for its fans.
If truly Lenovo have done a smartphone with all the above specifications then it’s going to be a impressive show for Chinese manufacture and will be added pressure for the upcoming flagships of Apple and Samsung.


We were expecting that Lenovo could launch Z5 in it’s June 14th event. But now Lenovo has confirmed the event on June 5. Lenovo revelaed this in it’s official account, on the site weibo. The event begins at 2pm CST (11.30am IST) on June 5.

Stay tuned for the upcoming updates from Lenovo Z5.