Top Smartphones which got recent price cut in India

Smartphone manufacturers usually announce price cut once the successor of the smartphone arrives in the market. Let’s see the top smartphones which got recent price cut. Please note the these smart phones are still great to have, price cut doesn’t mean any issue in it’s quality.

Samsung S8 and S8 plus:

Samsung recently released it’s first flagship phones of this year Samasung galacy S9 and S9+. Galaxy S9 introduced at the price starting from Rs.57,900 which was 4000 more than it’s predecessor Samaung galaxy S8.

After more than 1 month, since S9 sales started, Samsung now announced the price cut for S8 and S8+.

Samsung galaxy S8 (64GB version) is now available at Rs 49,990 in Flipkart and  Samsung store. This smartphone was released at the price tag  Rs.57,000 which got a price cut of Rs. 7,910 now. Galaxy S8+ also got a price cut of Rs. 11,000 and now available at Rs 53,900.

LG G6:

All eyes are on the LG G7 now. But LG already announced price cut for it’s last year flagship G6. The smartphone was introduced at Rs.51,990 and now it is available from Rs.28,900 in amazon India and Flipkart.

LG may not have successful run in India, But G6 is really a great device to have.

Nokia 8:

Nokia’s 2018 flagship phone Nokia 8 Sriocco are already launched in India and availble for pre order now with bundle of launch day offers. The company recently announced the price cut for it’s lasr year flagship device Nokia 8. The smartphone bas got the price cut of Rs. 9,000 and now available for Rs. 27,900 in Amazon India. With the stock android and amazing camera, Nokia 8 is a great deal at this price.


Xioami Mi Mix:

Xioami has announced price cut for Mi Mix. This isn’t a hit for Xioami compared to it’s redmi series smart phones, still this is a beast.

Xiaomi has recently launched its next Mi smartphone Mi 6X in china. The company announced Rs.5000 price cut prior to the launch of Mi 6X. The smartphone is now availanle at Rs. 32,999 in Flipkart.

iPhone SE:

Apple has revised its orice for all it’s smartphones including it’s latest launches iPhone 8, 8 plus and iPhone X. Since iPhone SE is manufactured in India, the smart phone doesn’t have import tax.

Apple announced 32 GB amd 128 GB variants of SE some time back. When we are expecting iPhone SE2, the company has announced the price cut for the two year old yet powerful decice.  iPhone SE 32 GB Variant is available at Rs.18,900 at Flipkart and Amazon India.

Moto G5S Plus:

Ahead of G6, G6 plus and G6 play launch, Motorola has announced price cut for it’s last year’s mid range smart phones.

The dual cam smartphone was launched at Rs. 16,999 and now got the price cut of Rs.3000. The device is now available at Rs.13,999 in amazon India.


Well I hope this list may help you if you are planning to buy the top rated smart phones at a cheaper price than its actual one. We feel that instead of going for latest midrange device, going for last year’s flagship devices like LG G6 or Samsing S8 will be great to have due to it’s performance and top end Snapdragon 800 seires chipset.

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