Samsung Note9 with 512GB memory and price leaked

Samsung Note 9 with 512GB memory and price leaked:

The next big launch is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, already there are lots of rumors and confirmed specs out. Now an another interesting news have been leaked about the memory and the prize.

The base variant of Samsung galaxy note8 is 64GB, Seems Samsung is planning to increase the base variant to 128GB (double of last year). It’s going to be a welcome move for the note series lovers as they don’t want to shed more money for the memory. And base variant is where most of the sales is going to be.
Another news as well there is going to be one model with 512GB of memory, with this mammoth memory comes a big price as well. This seems to be interesting but not sure to which set of audience the 512GB model going to full fill. Even though there are no official news let’s wait and watch.

The 512GB model would also come with 8GB of Ram.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price:

The 512Gb models is going to come with a hefty price tag of 1250euro ($1460) and available in black and blue color options.

If the base model is made to be 128Gb of memory onboard it will be a welcome move for the fans. The base model will be available in Black, Blue and Purple color at launch for 1050euro ($1230). Either of the models have a price tag of more than 1000usd let’s wait and see are they going to justify the price tag.

From recent launches Note 9 is bit refined for this year model with replace fingerprint sensor for easy use and reachability.

We can expect a variable aperture camera in the back.  With the poor sales numbers from the Note8, Samsung S9 series let’s wait and see how Note9 reacts among users.

The New Fingerprint sensor in Galaxy Note 9

One reason for the poor sales would be the price where S8/S9 where at similar prices making them competing among themselves and Note8 /S9Plus under same price range confusing the users to go for what.

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