Samsung Galaxy S10 to come with ultrasonic fingerprint sensor

Samsung Galaxy S10 to come with ultrasonic fingerprint sensor:

Samsung Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10 is one of the most awaited phone of 2019 . And from now it starts the festival period for big releases from big boys like Apple and Samsung.

Samsung will be releasing its next Note in next month. And Apple will be gearing up for its next version 2018 models. Samsung is the only company which haven’t copied the Notch design as of Apple. Let’s hope Samsung follows its own design Mantra for its flagships mobiles. Infinity display in the Note 8, Galaxy S9 are beautiful and one can expect a next gen infinity display rather than opting for Notch display. Samsung being the only competitor for Apple in the top end segment,

Coming to the Samsung Galaxy S10, there are rumors started to build the hype. Rumors show Samsung will be releasing 3 Galaxy S10 models to take on Apple 2018 models. Among the 3 mobiles the cheapest one will have side mounted finger print sensor.

Special features rumored in Galaxy S10:

It’s said that Samsung will be using in-display finger print sensor as found in Vivo, but a  better version as the one used in Vivo Nex.

Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor kept for demo in a recent event


Its evident from the sources that Samsung will opt for Qualcomm’s radical ultrasonic fingerprint sensor technology for its in-screen biometric system. From the limited information at this point of time. the technology will use ultrasonic waves to capture a 3D image of the finger to register it as the print.

This allow Samsung to make the whole or a part of the screen as fingerprint sensor. Rather than making a particular point in screen. The main advantages of the ultrasonic sensor are the accuracy and speed. This will make the Samsung Galaxy S10 a stand apart from Vivo Nex. These ultrasonic sensors can help to head behind hard objects like Plastic, metal.

The Samsung galaxy S10 will be released in first quarter of 2019.Samsung is having ample time to refine the next generation fingerprint technology. Samsung going to heavily advertise its fingerprint technology as Apple have already skipped it in latest gen phones. Lets wait and see what innovation samsung going to bring to its next gen galaxy model to tackle the Apple and the chinese brands.