Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10Plus innovative Cutout wallpapers

Samsung has recently launched their 2019 flagship with a standout design. Samsung Galaxy has completely taken out Notch and have added a diamond cut hole in the screen for the front facing camera. With its gorgeous infinity display this was a real standout feature for a flagship.

For those who don’t like the cutout, there are innovative way to hide it. Here is the list of wall papers which virtually hide the
camera cutout. Samsung has officially added a section of cutout wallpapers to the Galaxy Themes store for the Galaxy S10e,Galaxy S10,Galaxy S10+.


But there is a catch, these samsung provided themes,wallpapers seems to be paid options and cant be downloaded before one purchases them. Even if one is ready to pay there are not much of collections worth to pay. One can go into settings and tap on wallpapers and themes and can see the available wallpapers.
Be note that once paid your money will not be refunded.


Ignore the Samsung’s wallpapers, Here is our collection of innovative wallpapers which useres shared in reddit. Below are few sample images (compressed). You can download 30 HD uncompressed wallpapers in the downloads section.




To have a  quick over view, Samsung recently launched  3 three flagship phones Samsung S10 Plus being the best with Top notch camera, display and battery. A slightly smaller battery and screen size version Samsung Galaxy S10 and smaller cheaper version S10e.