Samaung S10 may ditch Iris scanner and copies three new features

Samsung S10:

It’s been 10 years since Samsung Galaxy S series launched. And not to forget Samsung Galaxy S2 is the first biggest hit for the company and it’s S series continues to break this record. Samsung is planning to make significant changes on its next Flagship Samsung galaxy S10. As per the sources Samsung galaxy S10 will come in three varaints.

Iris Scanner:

Iris Scanner is one of the unique feature in samsung flagships. It is also one of the least used feature among Samsung users. So samsung plans to ditch Iris scanner in it’s Galaxy S10. Instead it will have the following features.

3D Facial Recognition:

3D facial recognition is first introduced by Apple in it’s iPhone X. Later Mi adopted this in it’s latest flagship device Mi 8 . As per the sources, the Top variant of Samsung S10 woll feature 3D facial recognition.

Triple Camera:

Huawei introduced triple camera set up feature in it’s latest flagship P20 Pro. We have seen that next iPhone may have the similar triple camera set up here. This time Samsung’s Top varaint of S10 may habe the similar set up as per the sources.

In-Display Finger print scanner:

This is the third feature Samsung is going to copy in Galaxy S10. Vivo introsuced in-display finger print scanner in it’s Vivo Nex smartphone series. Xiaomi is the next to adopt this feature in Mi 8 and now Samsung S10 may be the next to habe this feature.

What we know about Samsung Galaxy S10

As per the insiders from South Korea, the Galaxy S10 will arrive in three variants and with two screen sizes.

Each of these three phones will have a different number of rear cameras. As discussed, the top variant will have triple camera setup and in-dsiplay finger print scanner.

Sources says thar the trio of phones is already in production with the codename Beyond.

  • Beyond 0 will have 5.8″ inch screen with single camera on the back similar to S9.
  • Beyond 1 will have the same 5.8″ screen and will sport a dual setup similar to Galaxy S9+.
  • The top variant Beyond 2 will have in-screen fingerprint scanner , triple camera set up.

All three variants or atleast the top variant will have 3D face recognition setup.