Oneplus 6 gets Notch, Essential PH1 is the first to introduce it before iphone X – Carl Pei.

We all know the success story of OnePlus. When OnePlus 6 is expexted to launch in the  2nd quarter of 2018, we are getting more and more news on the same. In an interview Carl pei has shared many information about the upcoming flagship, one of them that oneplus 6 will have a notch similar iPhone x but it will be smaller than the iPhone X. He even mentioned the dimenions of the notch which will be 19.616mm x 7.687mm.

He also referred that Essential phone PH1 is the first smartphone which introduced small circular notch in android. He confirmed that notch will be adopted in oneplus 6 but with more care and thought than the other smart phones. He says that Oneplus is manually testing with more than 1000 play store applications to understand their compatibility with the notch. He adds that introduction of notch cannot be done without modifying the existing design of the smart phone like modifying the camera placement, sensors and others.

Regarding the software enhancements, he says that OnePlus is also working on the gesture based navigation similar to iPhone X to enhance the user experience.

He adds that Oneplus 6 will sport a bigger display due to the notch introduction , so body to screen ratio will be maintained at 90%.

Oneplus 6 leaked image

Though he did not mention anything about the specifications of Oneplus 6, here is what we know so far about the upcomong flagship killer.

  1. Oneplus will have a headphone jack as Perl himself hints in his tweet with the poll result as u can see below.
  2. OnePlus is expected to launch with snapdragon 845 processor alomg with 8 GB of RAM which oneplus always does.
  3. From the leaked image, just like Oneplus 5T, the finger pront scanner is placed at the rear and it is more sqaurer.
  4. One of the version may have the Wooden back panel as seen in the leaked image.
  5. 3500 mAh battery with dash charging support

Below are the few expectations from Onplus 6 which the Company hasn’t preferred yet.

  1. Quad-HD Display
  2. Water and dust resistant
  3. Dual front camera


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