Mi 7 to sport this feature which Samsung may not offer till 2019

Xiaomi Mi 7:

A report says that Xiaomi is working on the Advanced 3D facial recognition feature in it’s upcoming flashship device Mi 7.

Xiaomi’s Redmi series is a definite hit in midrange smartphone market. The company’s recent launch Redmi note 5 pro literaly doesn’t have any competitor in it’s range. But Mi series is still a worry for Xiaomi.

Mi 3 is the first Xiaomi’s smartphone in India. Also it is the first one to introduce flash sale After the success of Mi 3, Xiaomi introduced redmi series which was an immediate hit. But Mi 3 is the last successful smartphone for Xiaomi in India which may be due to Oneplus’s arrival.

Xiaomi is ready to break out all the barriers with it’s new flagship Mi 7. Apple has introduced iphone X with advanced 3D facial recognition. To add the sensor apple introduced notch concept. Later almost all the manufacturers adopted notch concept but not the purpose of it.

One of the report says 3D sensing module suppliers have issues with software and hard integration. But looks like the integration works well only in Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. Since Samsung and huawei prefeered their own Exynos and Kirion chipsets, they were not able to adopt this technology.

3D facial recognition :

In the 3D facial recognition, users can wear sun glass or hat, can grow beard or shave and sill the system will be able to identify the user. iPhone has successfully implememted this technology in iPhone X. But Android manufacturers recycled the old facial recognition which was part of Android 2.3 update.

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller told a Dutch website in an interview in last deceber Android’s attempts to copy Face ID stinks.

Xioami Mi 7 may be the first android device to sport with 3D mapping technology. It was expected to be announced in this quarter but got delayed due to the poor results . We may get an official announcement sooner once Xiaomi believes that their results are better. Follow us to get latest updates.


Source: Digitimes

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