List of mobiles adopted Notch- Do you know iPhone’s notch is copied

Notch and 18:9 display:

In the rapidly growing smartphone market, you never own the latest trend smartphone more than 3 months. Because by that time, a new feature will be in trend and flagship manufacturers races to adapt them to their next flagship devices.Here we’ll see the list of mobiles adopted notch.

In the last 2-3 years there were tremendous growth in Smart Phones and many innovations yenibosna escort by the manufacturers paved the route for this. Let’s see a few of them which are instant hit.

  • Apple’s addiiton of finger print reader in it’s iPhone 5s.
  • Samsung’s extra screen concept in it’s S6 edge which became more popular in it’s successor Samsung galaxy S7 edge.
  • LG’s dual screen introduction in it’s V series which made the way for Always on display.
  • Apple’s Dual camera concept in it’s iPhone 7 series.
  • OnePlus’s addition of portrait mode as the secondary camera
  • Pixel’s low light camera and portrait mode in the same camera
  • Samsung’s retina scanner
  • Apple’s face ID recognition.

As you read, you can see that most of the innovations are from top companies. But do you know Samsung isn’t the first to introduce 18:9 full screen display  and Apple isn’t the first to introduce the notch feature.

Yes, you read right. Both of the features are introduced in the same smart phone Essential Phone PH-1. Essential Phone PH-1 is the first to introduce 18:9 full screen display and the small circular top notch. Andy Rubin, co founder of Android released Essential phone PH-1 in April 2018. bostancı escort Whereas Apple releases it’s iPhone X in November 2017. Of Course notch became famous in most of the countries after Apple’s iPhone X.

List of the devices with Notch:

Now let’s see the latest list of smart phones that comes with notch.


  • Huewei P20 series

  • One Plus 6 (Officially confirmed about notch)

  • Oppo F7

  • Vivo V9

  • Asus Zenphone 5

  • LG G7(Yet to be released)

When more devices are yet to be released this year, we believe that Android devices adding notch just because people liked iPhone’s notch. But Apple added the notch for it’s face id sensor and camera . However Huawei handled the notch pretty cleverly in it’s latest flagship P20 pro. It provides virtually porno adjustable notch that allows the customer to switch of the notch if they don’t like it.

Which is your favourite in this list? Pease let us know i coments.

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