How to Install and activate EMUI 9 Theme in Huawei and Honor

One standout feature of the Android is its level of customization’s it gives users and companies over it.
Here in this below article we could see how to install themes on EMUI 9 on Huawei Mobiles and its sub brand Honor.

There are multiple ways one can install themes.

1) Themes App:

Every Huawei phone comes with a predefined Themes app and preset themes in the app. This is help you to avoid hassle free
searching and downloading and to install themes on EMUI 9

To activate the preset theme,scroll down to the Preset themes section, select the one you like and tap the Apply button at the bottom.

One thing to be noted is that once you sign in with your Huawei ID you will get hands to many other themes on EMUI 9.
This also allow one to change wall papers, lock screens and icons without changing themes.

2)3Rd Party Themes on EMUI 9:

One can also try out third party  EMUI theme app from google play store. Reference app for download Huawei Theme manager

This app is updated often and have million downloads.

Once you like a theme you can download the theme. The downloaded theme will be available under the own section below the preset themes. You can close and open the app again if the app is not available after downloading.

Dark Themes

3) Finding and install themes on EMUI 9 from internet:

This steps involves bit of manual work than the above ways.
Here you need to search for forums and install themes on EMUI 9 from the internet. Places to search include the
Huawei and Honor subreddits on Reddit,
XDA developers forums for Huawei and Honor devices and
Huawei themes and EMUI Huawei theme that are dedicated to EMUI themes.

You can download the themes to your device itself and use any app from Google playstore to extract the files on your device.
All the extracted files should be in the .hwt files. These are the EMUI themes you are looking for.
Copy all the .hwt files,

open internal storage–> Huawei folder–>Themes folder.
Paste the copied .hwt files in the themes folder.

You can also connect your device to your Windows Pc and copy the extracted .hwt files to the themes folder.

Once the files are copied you can open the themes folder in your mobile, move to my themes section you can see the added themes in
the downloaded section.
Remember if you Zip files you can follow the above steps.Incase if you have .hwt files then you can directly copy the files to
Themes section and you are set.

Be aware to make sure you are scanning the file which you are downloading from internet.As it may be malware.

Enjoy downloading your likable themes and enjoy.

This article is sourced from Android with slight changes.