How to Download and use Android Games and Apps in Computer

Android Emulator:

Emulator is a software which make one to run a different OS on a host machine. A perfect example of this case would be one can use all IOS apps on a windows machine.

NoxPlayer an overview:

NoxPlayer is a free android emulator that includes a massive selection of tools that can be used to create great
android experience in your PC.

The NoxPlayer is easy to setup and works even on low spec setups. use tools like button mapper to setup everything for the type of games you play. This will help to increase the experience of your favourite Android games run when using the resources in your PC.

To download Nox Player: Click here

There are lot of Android emulators availabe in market and Nox Player is one such new emulator. This allows
you to play your favourite android games and apps from your mobile to your PC. One can play popular games like
Clash of clans,PUBG Mobile and Ragnork M Eternal in big screen. More intrestingly we can use controllers to control the games in PC.
Nox Player is a bluestacks alternative because of the additional features it offers.

Interesting Facts about NoxPlayer:

Nox player support three different android versions.Android 4.4.2,5.1.1 and 7.1.2. This intrestingly helps
to play few games that run only above android versions 6 or higher.

This is the only emulator that supports three versions of Android. It has lots of settings to manage our virtual android environment.
It even helps to run all the three versions at once, in different windows.Making it a perfect game playing android emulator.

NoxPlayer even gives you full access to Google play store, as well as ability to side load Apks.
Once can use NoxPlayer to download favourite Android games and apps on your PC.
Users can use the toolbar to access screenshot,Volume, location spoofing, screen recording and anything else that can be found in Android system.

It’s free to download and one of the easiest emulators to manage.