How does Google pixel 3 -Call screening works and other Pixel 3 features

Google launched its much awaited smartphone Google Pixel 3 with a lot of awesome features.Lets have a look at few such Google Pixel 3 features.Google under the banner Made by Google have launched two new smartphones Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL. Lets have a look the features of pixel 3

The top Google pixel 3 features are,

  •  Call screening
  • Google Assistant on lock screen

What is call screening:

To get rid of the annoying spam calls google have a new idea. There are lot of apps to identify
the spam calls. But unfortunately each time we need to attend to know the call is spam if its an unknown number.Google got a new way to resolve this issues.When one get a call from unknown number we will get a option “Screen call” along with attend and Deny. Once you click on the Screen call, google assistant will respond to the caller and provides a transcript of the caller’s response. If you feel you want to attend the call you can take over the call. Or one can ask google to block the call.
As per latest detail from Google this feature is coming to Pixel 3 this month and in November to the Pixel 1 and 2.

Assistant on Lock screen:

If you are an android user, sure you might enjoyed the fun of google assistant. With Pixel 3 one can enjoy using google assistant even without unlocking the phone. For the feature to be enabled one has to opt in through Google assistant settings.

Pixel camera’s are the top rated and this year it has added few features to enhance it better.

Top Shot is one such interesting  feature which captures multiple frames before and after your picture and then
recommends an alternative shot compared to what we actually captured.

Google Pixel stand:

The new Pixel 3 comes in with 3 new colors Black, white and not pink. It supports wireless features with a new 79$ pixel stand.  When you phone is placed on a pixel stand it starts to show all your selected albums as a slideshow. Its also supports wireless charging with case.