Google to debut Pixel watch along with Pixel 3

Google to debut Pixel watch along with Pixel 3:

If you are a fan of Pixel brands and Google then here’s a another happy news to cheer for this summer.There are news from a trustable sources say that Google is working on Pixel watch along with Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

After years of Rumour finally google is working on smartwatch with Pixel brand. If sources are true this will be launched along with Pixel3, Pixel 3xl and second gen Pixel Buds.
But there are no constructive talks about a pixel watch in work from google as there where rumours
before years that Google is working on one such device.

One more positive addon is , with the development of wear OS which powers the android watches getting
updates and lots of features and response from users on the wearables may make Google launch Pixel 3 watch.
Even the Wear os is lagging behind Apple watch os which receives lot of meaningfull updates including celular connectivity.

Its seems Qualcomm is working on a new chip for the wearable , which may power the pixel watch if Google is seriously working on one.

Design of pixel watch:

As there are no upto date info on Pixel watch and it’s design, way back years Google’s watch was in rounded design as of the traditional ones.

Pixel is one of the most awaited brands overall, which got a pretty good fan base on a shore period of time.
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Traditionally Google pixel are launched during the event which took place during October. But until we see if officially from Google we cant be sure
because back from years there are news about google watch which are rumours till date.

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