Google Pixel 3 Specs and Rumours – What we know

Google Pixel 3:

Well Google is trying hard to get into hardware segment for two years now . But really it isn’t a threat to Samsung or Apple anytime now. But Google is try to come hard, and with Google Pixel 3 seems Google is getting inch closer to take on  Apple and Samsung at premium segment.

Already Google Pixel 2 has one of the best rated camera in the world. And one can expect Google will come up something similar or upgraded to keep the crown of best rated camera with Google Pixel 3.
Still there isn’t any official news about Pixel 3 from Google, but its definite google to manufacture Pixel 3 considering the demand for Pixel range of smartphones.

Google has bought part of HTC smartphone segment to work independently rather than depending on other OEMs.
There are rumors from tech geeks who never leave a small dust aside, who found out the code name Pixel 3 in one of the open source program AOSP (Android Open source program) that Google runs..

But there are also rumors that Google may be working on a cheaper Pixel which may get released around July/August to take on the developing countries where price is an important factor for the sales.
But it isn’t clear that the code in ASOP is relating to the next iteration of Pixel or the cheaper Pixel which is news recently.

Google has stopped the sale of Pixel and Pixel Xl (2016) models already. When we check the history of Google Pixel model’s release dates, Google chooses Oct 4th as the common date for both 2016 and 2017. So one can expect the google new model also to be released in oct sometime 2018, keeping a gap of one year.
But even there are other news like Google is working on 3 pixel models. One slightly the premium version like IPhone X and the other two like Pixel 3 and Pixel XL3.
We will try keep posting on the information’s once available as early as possible.

What Rumors suggested till now?

We’ve already seen about Cheaper Pixel here. As per Sources, Google is already working on official affordable pixel. We may get official news in late july.

Google going to release Pixel 3 for sure this year , hopefully during October.
Google may come up with 3 models ( the 3rd might be extra Premium or a cheaper Pixel).
Pricing going to be Premiums as they are direct competitors for Apple and Samsung.

Things we expect to see in Pixel3:

a) Smaller bezels:

Google Pixel 3 most likely to come up with thinner bezels as already Note 9 , Samsung S9 and IPhone X have completely ignored the bezels to look more beautiful and max use of screen.
We do expect google not to come up with any notch like feature but it’s not wonder google may keep notch as now the Native Android P will support notch design of various sizes.

b) Active edge:

If you have already used Google Pixel 2 or the latest model from htc, you might be aware about Active edge. The active edge is the squeezable side display where if you can press the side of the mobile Google assistant will be enabled.
It would be great if Google enables the active edge display to customize according to user needs as like specific apps.

c)Better Display:

Being the direct competitor to flagship mobiles of Samsung/ IPhone, Google Pixel3 should be having a better display of Qhd quality . Even though Pixel 2XL have a slightly better display than Pixel 2, there are lot of controversies came up against the display. Viewing angles should be improved.
True edge to edge display will be a welcome note without compromising quality.

d) Headphone Jack:

There is no exact reason why headphone Jack is eliminated. May be Apple started it first and all other brands are keep following it. It will be welcome note if Google adds it back which is not likely going to happen.

e) Wireless charging:

Google have improved a lot in battery performance. With pure android version and performance optimizations and fast charging battery life isn’t it bad to complain about battery? Google should be adding Wireless charging to its Google Pixel3 this time around as an added advantage.

f) Facial recognition & iris scanner:

Facial recognition become so easy even mid ranges are keeping it irrespective of how secure they are. Those are fancy terms for marketing the budget mobiles in market currently.
It’s not sure Google Pixel 3 may come with Iris /Facial recognitions to take on latest Samsung/ Apple or it will stick to the well secured , fast and easily accessible fingerprint sensor let’s wait up.

g) Notch:

When notch is becoming a latest trend, we may expect google to adopt it as well. We’ve seen the lost of mobiles that adopted the notch here. From Essential Phone PH 1 till Omepllus 6 and Lg G7 we can see notch. Few manufacturers like Huawei P20 pro and Oneplus gives the user an option to hide the notch. So we may expect the similar software from Google.

Expected Specifications:

Snapdragon 845 chipset
4/6 Gb Ram & 64/128 Gb Rom
Slightly improved camera for better low light performance (May be Dual camera)
Hefty price Tag
Performance Optimizations.
New improved loud speakers.

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