Download Google camera apk for Samsung galaxy s10 series

Google Pixel have been so famous in a very short time thanks for the worlds best camera.When the whole
technology world runs towards dual,triple and Quad camera, Google still opts to keep its Single camera system.
Even with the single camera still its the best mobile camera in the world. Thansk for the suoer image processing system
for all the beautify works.
If you are latest Samsung Galaxy S10 user then to enjoy the Google Camera we have got you with a simple steps. Follow the simple
step by step method to install Google Cam in your mobile.

Whats we get in Gcam for samsung Galaxy S10:

In the comments and experience which available in public forum we feel the Google camera port increase the Galaxy S10 camera
quality overall. The Google Night sight, to tkae low light imamges blows away the samsung’s Bright Night mode. This works with out a glitch for snapdragon series of Samsung S10 series.




With this apps one can get the below features like,
– Aperture swithcing for main camera (Settings> Camera API2>Toogle “switch to 2.4f aperture)
– Night sight
– Portrait camera
– Wide angle camera( the left button to toggle between the normal camera and front facing camera now also lets you toggle wide angle as well. Order goes normal>FFC>wide)

Gcam as said offers less aggressive noise reduction and over sharpening, Under day light one cannot find a big diff but low light makes lots of difference.