Best Call recording app for Android without Ads [No Root required]

Google disabled the call recording feature in Android 9, as a result in recordings your voice is good but the caller’s voice is very weak. No matter what recorder you are using the result is the same, you can test and confirm this fact yourself.

You should root the phone for many app’s to fix it. Without root, you have no solution for sure, with root this app is exactly the solution. However in some market areas a manufacturer may enable the call recording feature in their own 9 phones, in this case, no root needed, just install this app and go, it records calls very well.

For example, Galaxy S10 Android 9 doesn’t need root in Russia but needs root in other countries. Google Pixel 3 Android 9 doesn’t need root in China mainland but needs root in other countries.

Disadvantages of Call recording app’s found in Playstore:

Android has removed the native call recording feature from Android 9, which means we can’t record our calls natively, we need to depend on third-party apps.

I have been searching for a good 3rd party call recorder for a while, whichever app I have tried I faced the below problems,

  • We need to replace the default dialer with the app own dialer, You can’t able to use the native dialer,
  • annoying ads in the app and you could see ads appearing on top of your mobile operating systems
  • As their apps keep running in the background, it may ruin your mobile battery life.
  • You need to shed your money to avoid the ads.

 Best call recording app:

After trying multiple apps, we found this beautiful app ” Call recorder ( No Ads) ” in the play store. The best app in the play store which solves all the above problems in one.

  • No need to root your mobile to install the app
  • The app doesn’t ask you to replace default dialer and install their dialer
Home Screen with Recorder menu enabled  
  • The best thing is “no ads”
  • Save recordings in the phone or the removable SD card
  • Auto backup recordings to your cloud drive (Google Drive / Dropbox)
Modes available in App which need to be verified phone to phone
  • Only this App has a default recording button on your native dialer app ( images attached) from which you can start and stop recording
  • Manage recordings – search, playback, view, delete, add a note, share, etc.
  • It allows you to record all the calls automatically or for particular contacts.
  • Even if you don’t want the button to appear on your dialer, you can enable shortcuts in-app double-tap volume up for start and press twice volume down button to stop.
  • Many options you can choose, powerful meanwhile lightweight and green

The only side flows in this app is it automatically records all the call only for 30Secs. You need a pro version to record all your calls automatically unlimitedly. But the app allows you to manually record/ stop recording manually any no of times in a call.

Pro Version to enable

Anyway, all the recording APPs will also ask your for all permissions (contacts, phone, storage), so if you want to record your call you need to allow all permissions, it’s not specific to this app. So if privacy ins a concern then you have no other options left.

Only option to avoid this is you need to buy customized OS phones like MI/Redmi phones which have inbuilt recording features. You can download the app from official play store link