Android Pie update for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S8 in the cards – Here how it looks like

Samsung S8/S9 are the flagships from Samsung awaiting Android Pie update.

Google have released Android Pie in Late months back with Pixel phones receiving the Updates within months. Following that there are selective manufactures releasing Android Pie updates for their flagships. Samsung S8/ S9 being this year and last year flagship are well equipped for receiving Android Pie updates where all in news just.

In a post, south Korean company Samsung have revealed the plan for releasing the Android 9 Pie and insisted it will arrive “early next year”.

So it’s clear the Samsung phones will receive the taste of Android Pie update only in next year.

XDA developers has declared “leaked alpha builds” of Samsung experience 10, the new skin that sits on top of Android Pie in Samsung phones. The build seems to be supporting Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy Note 9.

Still we need to wait to know compatibility with Galaxy S8 devices for Android Pie.

Samsung Experience 10 on Galaxy S9 & S9+:

     Samsung tends to release new platform updates to the existing phones. But as these OEMs have to customize the original google os as per their brand that takes the real time. As the install base for Samsung is too big and it has to go through intensive testing before its release to public. Company in last years have released Alpha and beta programs –closed and public. So any problems/bugs can be cleared out before rollout to Public.

Lets have a look at the features and experience of Android Pie on Galaxy S9/S9+ devices:

Top features to be notes includes,

  • Night Mode
  • Gesture based Navigation menu
  • Color full settings Menu as like Native OS
  • New Multitasking window.

The best also brings in other features of Galaxy Note 9 to Samsung Galaxy S9 users. The Galaxy S9 will get screen recognition feature and flaw detection in the camera, which is a exclusive Note 9 feature.

Night Mode in Samsung Experience 10:

One good thing users can now enjoy is the Dark mode/ Night mode in Samsung phones. It’s a development from the old night mode where white cards over the black ones. But now the night theme have gray cards on a pure black background. Night theme is easier for eyes to use in night time and save battery as well. Samsung have added this night mode natively so it should be working with almost all the apps.

Gesture Based Navigation:

              Google’s pixel 3 have forcefully made users to use the gesture based navigation even if one doesn’t like it. Whereas it’s good that Samsung has opted to keep both the navigation’s intact and one can choose which ever one likes.

Rise to wake is one feature that’s added to the new build which shows the lock screen to check notifications when you life the phone.

Multitasking in Android Pie for Samsung S9:

Samsung have opted to use the Android Pie’s larger cards in the ,multitasking menu, which will also be navigated horizontally, a change from how it works on Oreo. Samsung will show five often –used apps as well in the multitasking menu.


Galaxy S9 experience centre with Android Pie seems to adopt many of the Android Pie’s native feature options in multitasking menu, Settings menu.

In settings Samsung seems to made the menus color full as same like Android Pie (Native OS).

There are many tweaks and tricks have also been added to the phone. One can see many simplifications along the Samsung’s Native apps. The dialer will now have tabs along the bottom for easy switching, The incoming call screen highlights the most recent call from the same number.

A new Bixby updated interface to make it look much pleasant.

Though we could see the beta and alpha released in closed phase it’s not sure when Samsung will release the beta version. Hope the weight is not so long.

How to get Samsung Android Pie beta updates:

One can able to get beta software for Samsung through Samsung+ app. Right now there is no options for users to sign up early. But once the Beta version releases Samsung members in UK, South korea and US can able to get the beta versions officially. Members of  beta program will have access to beta forums, beta feedback and beta Notice.

Beta Notice:

Beta notices are the messages about the beta. There are messages about new updates, and the beta in general.

Beta Feedback:

Its where one can provide feedback and bugs logs for anything that you encounter.

Beta Forums:

Common place to discuss on issues and betterments in upcoming releases.