Android P is coming sooner to Oneplus 3/3T

Android P is coming sooner to Oneplus 3/3T:

One plus to keeping up its words announced that android P is coming to oneplus 3 and 3T.  

Oneplus in its recent press release announced that , after releasing android 5.0 and security updates we are listening to  the user questions in various platforms. And upon further discussions Oneplus have decided directly to increase Android P instead of Android 8.1.

This will enable users to enjoy many exciting features of android P to their years old oneplus 3 and 3T.

The spokesperson added “Over the last few months we have been actively working with google on Android P Beta program. Thanks for the users who actively participated in the beta program.”

Android P is a gesture based latest Android platform which is based on gestures and stuffs which is released last month in Google I/O.

Android P beta is already available for oneplus 6. Here is the guide on how to install Android P beta for Oneplus 6.

Let’s see the top featutes of Android P:

User Experience of Android P :

First major change is the Gestures- a new way to navigate in android phone.
Its seems similar to the one in IPhoneX but definitely not the same as we can considerable changes.

We will get a tiny home indicator at the bottom, where we can perform various actions around that part.
Once you touch on that home indicator you will be taken to home from where ever you are. You aren’t missing the back button as well which really seems usefull.
A swipe up in Android P brings up a new multitasking menu with large cards with easily glance-able information and one more swipe opens the app drawer.
Finally, a swipe left or right on the home indicator quickly switches between apps.

Next big thing with Android P is Well being:

You may wonder what is it , its simple interface where Google shows all what you have done in youe mobile like:
How many times you have woken up your mobile,
Which app you use how much time and so on,
This may help the users understand they way we use mobile daily. Android P allows to set time limit you can use on apps.

Android P -Artificial intelligence:


Adaptive Battery:

This feature uses on-device machine learning to understand which apps you will use and the system adapts to that usage pattern,
30% reduction in CPU wake-ups

Adaptive Brightness:

This uses machine learning to understand the level of brightness you use normally and automatically set to that level rather than each time
we need to increase/decrease the brightness levels.

Automatic actions:

Plugin in earphones will automatically starts playing music.

Google Assistant in Android P:

Google assistant gets lot of improvement with Android P like continued conversation-
which means we can get answers to series of questions.
Multiple actions- you can ask google to play your favourite music and set alarm it will do multiplce actions.

Android P Beta available devices:

The beta preview will be available to Nokia7, Oneplus 6, Sony XperiaXZ2, Vivo X21, Xiaomi MI Mix2s. Users of these mobiles can enroll to beta program and enjoy the taste
of Android P before the other users.


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