After Huawei P20 , OnePlus 6 allows user to hide notch. Here’s how



As we discussed here, Carl Pei officially confirmed that Oneplus 6 will feature Notch. Notch feature becoming more and more popular now as we’ve seen earlier about the number of smartphones adopting notch.

Now Oneplus updated us that users will have option to disable notch. So the users who don’t like the notch feature can get over it with a simple click.

Oneplus isn’t the first company to introduce this concept. As we’ve seen here, Huawei P20 pro is the first device to get this feature. Huawei cleverly handled the notch feature in it’s software.Please find Screenshot of the setting screen below.

Huawei P20:


After disabling notch:

Many analysts, reviewers and users are impressed by this feature, even few called this as must have one. Obviously Oneplus did some research on this and added this feature in their latest flagship. Also Oneplus is the one among the few devices that comes with headphone jack as well.


Lets see the Oneplus 6’s leaked specifications as well.

  1. Oneplus will have a headphone jack as Perl himself hints in his tweet with the poll result as u can see below.
  2. OnePlus 6 will have the latest snapdragon 845 processor alomg with 8 GB of RAM which oneplus always does.
  3. The finger print scanner is placed at the rear just like Oneplus 5T and it is more sqaurer.
  4. One of the version may have the Wooden back panel as seen in the leaked image.
  5. 3500 mAh battery with dash charging support

With such killer specs it is not doubt that the new flagship Oneplus 6 wil be a monster in hand. We’ll see it up sooner, as the Oneplus 6 launch anytime sooner. The company’s official accpunt already releases the teaser 2 days back.


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